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Jul 28, 2007
  1. I just bought a new dvd burner and it came with nero oem suite.
    I started to burn some old files to a blank dvd and when I played them back I noticed that It didn't record a couple of seconds off some the ends of the files. It just skipped to the next title. I figured that it must be something wrong with some of the nero express3 settings and not the liteon dvd burner I bought. Dvd burning is new to me.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Were you trying to burn a DVD Audio disk?

    Your post is confusing because what you described doesn't make any sense. If you give Nero an audio file and it burns a portion of it to the disk it will burn the whole thing, there is no reason that I know of that it would cut off something once it has started.

    The 2 possible answers I can think of are you gave it incomplete files to begin with, or whatever you are playing the disk back with can't handle it.
  3. shakoror

    shakoror TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The files I am trying to burn are video files like mpeg and avi. The files are whole when I use the nero vision express and there is nothing wrong with The dvd player I am using for a play back . After I play back my newly made dvd I just notice at the end of every file (chapter) the scenes are short a couple of seconds and the dvd skips to the next title. I thought that maybe when I was experimenting with how to edit a dvd and create dvd chapters I might have messed with a setting or something.
  4. matav

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    yes... you have screwed the configurations of the NERO. try restoring the default configuration.
    try DVD overburning option, this will allow you to burn more minutes onto the DVD i.e on single-layer, instead of a limit of 4483, you can burn upto 4500.
    but DVD overburning is not preferred n this isnt ur problem in the first place.
  5. SNGX1275

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    Still may be the dvd player, try it in a computer and see if it still happens. Home DVD players often don't handle burned dvds perfectly, they are also sometimes picky about the brand of disk and +R vs -R.
  6. captaincranky

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    Been There, Burned That.....

    If you're trying to convert these files to DVD-Video, sometimes the in/out points can be inaccurate depending on the type of file, what is was recorded on, and how it was edited.
  7. shakoror

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    I like to thank everyone for their tips and advice!
  8. alwaysAmission

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    please help nero keeps crashing every single time i try to add files. ive used this programme b4 and had no problems but for some reason no matter what i try i cant resolve this problem. all i am trying to do is burn 2 avi files using nero express that have been converted using winavi. i am able to burn 1 movie using nero burning rom but whenever i try nero express to burn 2 file that have been converted together it crashes as soon as i press the add files button. ive also tried the dragging an dropping method but no success. please help as i hate wasting over half my disk space when burning. any help would be great

    oh and ive also tried un\reinstalling and the nero clean tool....any ideas
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