Nero Express How do You??

By Ray
May 8, 2004
  1. i just installed a new LG CR/wr and now find that it doesn't work with my versions of EasyCD or Click and Burn. I installed the software Nero Express that came with the writer........knowing that as in the past it was not going to be smooth. Now I have read the instructions and am at the point of trial and error at my expense. I have copied an audio to CD and it worked ok. I did a copy entire cd (disk to disk) and it worked ok. I tried to copy pictures on to the CD and used the video/picture section and all I ended up with was files with a .dat extension. I have no idea why these programs can't state how to do's in simple terms. How do you burn pictures to CD's by using video/pictures or by using the data section of the program. All I need is someone to point me in the right direction. This will save me wasting CD's. The INcd part of the program seems to be really good.......if you copy pictures in this format will the stores be able to read this when they are making hard copies of the pictures or does it have to be in standard reader CD's
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Depends on which format you want to save pictures. If you want to be able to view them with a standalone DVD player, for instance, then you probably should use PhotoCD format. Otherwise just burn them as normal data (not video / audio).

    More useful information about pictures on CD-ROMs is in CD-Recordable FAQ.
  3. Steve B

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    Hi, I have Nero express 5.5, and to store digital photo files, i just use DATA - Data disc. CDRW's are good for this as you can keep adding to them.

    One other unrelated thing... If you download an album, and its all one track - ie no index - add it, then highlight, click properties, choose "indexes something, splits" and you can insert breaks in it.

    It took me ages to figure that out.

    Happy burning:grinthumb
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