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May 28, 2011
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  1. What do I need

    What brands should I avoid

    Is there a good value for money netbook?

  2. Zen

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    Well I really can't help you here as far as possibly recommending or advising you away from a notebook/Netbook computers. Personally I don't like notebooks/netbooks and I have a policy in regards to my own personal computer/network support company, I don't do notebooks/netbooks. But separate from my own beliefs, I've taken some time dig up some material for you to research.

    PC. Magazine - Lap Top & Notebook & Netbook Reviews,2806,9,00.asp

    PC World - Top Notebooks For Purchase & Reviews

    Notebook Review Company

    Consumer Reports

    Notebook Magazine

    There I think that's enough information to get you at least on the path of possible Notebook/Netbook ownership!

    Good luck to you, and I'm sure there might be more TechSpot members that chime in here to try and help you out. :)
  3. Route44

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    Seriously look into the Lenovo X120e netbook running the new AMD Fusion dual core E-350 chip. I have been impressed with what people are doing with it.

    If you would like actual user experiences has a Lenovo forum and a very active X120e owners thread.
  4. pete2444

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    thanks for your advice

    I'll do my homework
  5. CAMusing

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