Network Adapter 0.84Gbps dl


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Recently my Gbps has taken a serious nosedive. I was around 30Gbps, then it dropped. The other computers on the network are getting great speeds, it's just my computer. My computer is running fine. It's just the connection speeds. This isn't just happening on WI-fi, it's also happening when I plug in the Ethernet cord.

My network adapters are:
Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter
Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter
Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PC-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30)

They are all up to date. And I use Avast internet security. Also I've cleaned the cache in both firefox and chrome browsers, I've also removed all but add block add-ons.

I'm using AARIS modum/router through time warner cable. And again, the other computers are getting great speeds, always up of 20 Gbps. I even checked my Mom brand new computer which is getting upwards of 40 Gbps. I've called TWC, they sent someone, the wires were a bit loose, and it fixed everyone's laptop but mine. Please help?

I'm clueless here. Here is the Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter settings.

20/40 - auto40 mhz - Disabled802.11n
Preamble - Auto
Antenna Diversity - Auto
AP Compatibility Mode - Higher performance
Bandwidth capability - 11b/g:20MHz
Bluetooth Collaboration - Auto
BSS PLCP Header - Auto (Short/Long)
BT-AMP - Enabled
Disable Uon Wired Connect - Disabled
Fragmentation Threshold - 2346IBSS 54g(tm)
Protection Mode - Auto
IBSS Mode - 802.11b Only
Locally Administered MAC Adress - not present
Minimum Power Consumption - Enabled
Mixed Cell Support - Disabled
Power Output - 100%
Priority & VLAN - Prioroity & Vlan Disabled
Rate - Best Rate
Roam Tendency - Auto
Roaming Decision - Auto
RTS Threshold - 2347
Shorti GI - Auto
WMM - Enabled
WZC IBSS Chaneel Number - 11(20MHz)
XPress (TM) Technology - Disabled