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Jun 27, 2005
  1. im trying to setup up a home network between my dell and my compaq, already set the dell up with no problems but when i tryed to set my compaq up it says that there are no network cards connected even through there is one connected because i went into device manager and it is on the list and doesnt have any problems it says This device is working properly .i have tryed updating the driver with no luck.what could be wrong with it, also had some problems with my moniter it kept on showing black lines when i was watching dvds and videos have fixed that problem but every few seconds lines keep showing up along the bottem of the screen. can help any1
  2. A_DOG73

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    How are the two computers networked? What cables are you using and are they connected to the network cards? More info please
  3. Nodsu

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    What says there are no network cards connected? The exact error message?
  4. etones

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    the computers are connected by a RJ-45 crossover cable, yes they are connected to the network cards etc. as to your question nodsu - i got the network card install now my friend came round and fix it after he had the same problems with his compaq, i have got everything set up the right way but when i go into network connections it says Local Area Connection. network cable unplugged, i dont see how it can be unplugged its plugged in i have taken it out and put it back in about 5 times tryin to get it to work but i doesnt.
  5. haden9

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    Have you verified properly that it may not be the connection. If it is not sending or recieving bytes at all, it may be something more physical such as the cable, or the network card. good luck and I hope that helps :approve:
  6. etones

    etones TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 146

    i got it temporary working it was a problem with my cable, cause my friend brough round his cable and it works. but i have to give the cable back 2 him. so il be taking the cable that i have back to the shop.
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