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Nov 19, 2005
  1. I work at a school and had to take apart the IT suite for the new pc's to be fitted(36 DELL computers),all the old pc's have been put in classrooms.The problem is this:

    When the old pcs were hooked to the network you had to enter username and password before they would log in to windows/network.they was taken off the network and a new server set when you start one of the old pcs,you get promted for username and pass word but because its not on the network you cant login,and you cant login to the network.(hope you understand that).

    The IT guy at work just cant work out what to do.Any ideas?
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    Sounds like the old PCs were setup on a domain controller. If so, usernames and passwords are validated on the DC, not the local box.
    BUT, when the user/pass box pops up, do you have 3 boxes? One for user, one for pass and a 3rd for what you are logging in to. The 3rd box should be changed to the name of the local PC itself, sometimes just called local. And a user/pass should be used of an account that is stored ON the local box, not on the DC. Such as "administrator", the default XP admin account.

    If, per chance, the person who set it up originally, removed all local accounts, you may be in trouble. Though Windows usually caches domain user/pass for like 10 days. If it's been longer then that, you can't log in when not connected to the DC.

    But before getting to deep in it, can you log on to the local PC?

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    sorry I couldnt be more specific.the it guys that set the IT suite up didnt set the new suite up,(dell engineers did the new suite and did not want to help with the old ones,in fact they were the least helpful guys I've ever met)

    when the old IT guys tried to ask them about the new set up they said they couldnt help.

    on the login screen it has 3 passwords.

    domain(I think)

    admins the first one,then a random password then the school name.the system uses windows 98(yes,yes I know...)

    they are not great pc's,in fact they are awful.they only had 68mb ram each.managed to take ram out of half of them and add to the other half to double it.the school still want to use them for some reason.
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    The 3rd box for domain, needs to be changed to local pc. I think the syntax is like "\\pcname" or maybe "\\localhost". I forget. But it won't be the domain name, which I'm guessing is "school name". The 3rd box is usually a drop down box with options, the local pc may be in there. As for the username and pass, you would have to know a user/pass for the local PC.

    The other option may be to try and get in to Safe Mode and take the network off of a domain and back on a workgroup.
    Because it's Windows 98 and not XP, 98 doesn't have a "default" admin, because there is no admin and limited accounts! If you can change the 3rd box, just log in with any user name and any pass, or NO pass. Or even leave the user and pass fields blank. Expirement. Or try safe mode and see what you can get.

    good luck
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