Network reset to "linksys" network

By glowingnissan07
Sep 29, 2008
  1. 2 Questions Actually

    1) I have a Lynksys wireless router system, and im not sure if this is supposed to do this or not, but the WLAN and Internet LEDS are flickering like mad.

    I only say this because my Internet has been acting inconsistent, even though i have full signal. Little hitches in gaming, sometimes internet randomly disconnects tho i am still on the network. Are the LEDs supposed to do that? If so wat does it mean?

    2) The other thing is that stupidly i think i reset my router and now my normal network is no longer availabe to be connected. All the PCs are now connected to a normal "lynksys" network, so i can still get the internet, but its not password protected nor encrypted and can be easily accessed from anyone on the outside.

    I went to the lynkys support center and they pretty much told me how to change router settings. Is that wat i have to do to restore my old network or is there some WIndows XP utility i can use? None of the PCs recognize my old network, they only can "see" the "lynksys" network, but i need the old network settings back on, i need the computers to be able to connect to it.

    I also tried the router's software CD, but thats only for establishing connection between the [main?]computer and the router, which is already good.

    Keep in mind the main computer is a laptop (a DELL inspiron) and thats the one we did all the settings on. I think its the "host" comptuer (if thats what u call it) and serves the internet through a basic "infrastructure" (pretty sure on that one tho lol); but im not sure cuz if the laptop is far away the network still works. There are only 2 other computers (both towers) that use the internet and the network.

    I am a total noob at networking, so if u can, try to speak in laamans terms. Where do i start? How can I restore the old network? Or if i need to, start a new one? (i hope the windows utility wont be my first option lol)
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    1. Yes, when lights blink quickly (and what seems random) all is good in the world
    => If you see them blinking at a steady on/off rate or in a pattern with other lights, you gotsa problem

    2. A router arrives with factory installed settings. Someone must have set it for you initially cuz when you reset it and it went back to factory settings, you stuff doesn't work (e.g. you can assign a name to your wirelss network. "linksys" is the default name you now see

    3> Who set it up for you the first time? And i'd expect the router software CD to help set it up. It will first have you connect a reliable wire connection router <-> PC so as you change wireless settings you can still always talk to router on reliable wired connection
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