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Mar 15, 2007
  1. Hey. I have a basic problem and I bet you guys can help me.
    I am new to networking etc and I need an explanation on how to do something.
    Okay, I have a Cable Modem - > Windows XP Home Edition -> Windows 98 SE
    What I am trying to establish is for the Windows 98 Machine be able to access the internet through my Windows XP machine. Don't tell me to buy a router cause I want to be a able to do it this way first. I'd just like a link to a great article or a step by step explanation on how to do this because I've tried almost everything and modifying the TCP/IP Protocol in the Network Connections setting.
    - Thanks

    PS: Yes, I am using a crossover cable and the Windows XP Machine has 2 ethernet ports. One on a PCI Card (To internet) and one integrated on the motherboard (To Windows 98 SE machine)
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    Anybody? ?
  3. jobeard

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    just start the ICS service on Win/XP. Sole concern is it will force itself to the address, so neither system may use that address.
  4. rwillis

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    Yeah, ICS is a real trick to get it right. The IP of the host, as was mentioned, has to be Also, the client's TCP/IP has to be set to "Obtain an IP Address Automatically". Also, don't run Windows Firewall on the client (if it has it; I'm not familiar with 98); that can sometimes screw it up.
  5. SniperXPX

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    Thanks guys, I'll try it out later tonight.
  6. SniperXPX

    SniperXPX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay it can connect to the internet but one problem.
    It isn't using DNS, I have to manually put in the websites IP Address for each site I want to goto. Is there a way so that I can make it use my ISP's DNS or whatever my main machine's DNS server is? In the TCP/IP settings on my Windows XP Machine it automatically resolves it.
  7. SniperXPX

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    Nevermind, I fixed it. In the TCP/IP Settings on the other machine, under DNS, I put in my ISP's DNS Server IP Address and name. All working perfectly now :D
  8. SniperXPX

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