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By Jshailor
Jan 21, 2012
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  1. Alright, I am currently connected through my Apartment Complex's internet and everything was running smoothly when today a window appeared upon log-in that asked me to "Choose a Network" So I chose public, as what is suggested by my Apartment. Well now, in my Ctrl+Alt+Del menu under Networking my Apartment's internet is running at 0.00% and will not move, while the new "public network" is cruising at 70-90%. Normal internet browsing runs fine, no lag whatsoever, but the second I try to play any online video game my latency goes through the roof (up to 550k ms before disconnect). When I try to turn off the public network and simply rely on my apt. internet I have 0 connection anywhere. Is there anything else I can try that will fix my problem?
  2. jobeard

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    use PUBLIC only when you are at a hotspot.

    delete that connection and recreate it and chose PRIVATE instead.

    Now go to the Firewall, and DISABLE file/print sharing (only because it is a large complex of untrusted users). Normally, you would enable this if it was your own router and your own systems.

    Your gaming may be an issue as frequently games require specific ports, say for steam and with this setup, enabling port forwarding for you will deny it for all others.

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