By milhouse21386
Aug 26, 2006
  1. ok, i had an emachines T4010 with a 2.93ghz processor and an 865gvhz mobo. to make a long story short, i bought a new case and another 865gvhz mobo and put the 2.93ghz processor in this new case/new mobo. i put an old 2.5ghz processor in the old t4010 to give to my parents so they could have a nicer computer. so, the t4010 works fine, but im having problems with my new 865gvhz mobo with the 2.93 ghz processor in the new case. it basically wont do anything. i put my system restore cd into the new computer, did a complete system restore, when i started windows up, it told me i had to activate windows online, but it couldnt get through the LAN. i dont know what to do. please anyone help.

    also, i just thought of this while i was typing, but what if i take my hard drive (from the new case) put it into the T4010, restore windows onto that hard drive, and then put the hard drive into the new case with the new 865gvhz mobo, would that work?
  2. milhouse21386

    milhouse21386 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    awright, i took the hard drive from the new computer, put it in the old comp and restored windows onto that, and its working
  3. cfitzarl

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    Computers have a personality of their own, they work when they want :D
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