New build: first time SSD and boot priority

By Route44
May 28, 2012
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  1. I just finished building my new Ivy Bridge system and it booted up fine. The motherboard is a Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H. I have installed a Samsung 830 SSD in SATA Port 0 and a Samsung HDD is SATA Port 1. In addition I have installed an Asus DVD drive. The Bios recognizes all three drives in the System ATA - Port Information Serial ATA section of the BIOS BUT in the Boot Options Priorities it recognizes only the Samsung as priority #1 and the Asus DVD as Priority #2. The Samsung hard drive is not listed.

    If I am reading both the manual and other information correctly the Boot Option Priority section will only recognize the primary hard drive. In this case it would be my SSD. Am I correct and I can go ahead and load Windows 7 or am I missing something?

    Also, I am assuming at this point that Windows will assign the SSD as the C drive. Will I need to manually assign another letter for the hard drive?

  2. cliffordcooley

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    That is setting the boot priority for each type. You will need to set values for the specific boot types.

    If you look under the Hard Drive listing, you should see both HDD and SSD. Select which one you want to boot. The one you select should show in the priority list for booting to HDD.
  3. slh28

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    Yup, what clifford said.

    If your SSD is already set as boot priority number 1 then you're ready to go. Just make sure the SSD is set up in AHCI mode.
  4. Route44

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    Hey guys thanks for the responses. :) I found someone who not only built a system with this board but also did an extensive review and he confirmed what you said. And slh28 you are correct: I am good to go only I didn't know it!

    I never worked with a BIOS like this so I thought I was messing up some how by not seeing the hard drive in the boot priority list. Hopefully I'll be able to install later today.

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