"New Build" threads put in a better place?

By Grafficks
Apr 19, 2007
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  1. Most threads started by users who seek guidance on a new PC build are usually in one of the Hardware & Tweaking forums near the top of of the Techspot page. This is obviously where most of the hardware-related discussions take place, and most of the helpful hardware recommendations are made.

    Generally, the Gaming and Consoles section talks about specific games and problems encountered with them. However, I occasionally see a "New Build" thread in the Gaming and Consoles section.

    As I stated earlier, most of the hardware advice and good recommendations are given in one of the Hardware & Tweaking forums, so wouldn't it be better (for the person asking for help) if all "New Build" threads were held there?

    Maybe there could be a caption somewhere informing users of the ideal place to start "New Build" threads?

    This is because (the most important reason: ) most of the hardware-proficient users help-out around the Hardware & Tweaking part of the forums.

    I just think that "New Build" threads will get more advice in one of the Hardware & Tweaking forums than in the Gaming and Consoles section.

    What do you think? :)
  2. CMH

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    I think that officially, the overclocking, cooling and modding thread is the thread for new builds. But yes, I see alot of threads coming up all over the place.

    And yes again, that new build threads should be in the hardware and tweaking section. I suppose if users post their new build questions there, anyone should be able to help, regardless of which thread they post in, as PC building is pretty simple for us enthusiasts :D

    But making it clear which thread to post in might be a good idea, since there might be some people who just love pc building, and thats all they respond to :D

    Wotcha looking at me for? o.O


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