New CPU and now it makes loud noise

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So I installed a new core2duo cpu (E7200 Wolfdale 2.53Ghz) and now when I turn on my computer it just makes a long solid high-pitched noise. Please help!

Other Specs:

160g SATA HD
Nvidia 8800 GT
4g OZC Platinum RAM
ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Motherboard
When I turn on the computer it just gives me a black screen, no bios, no anything, just a solid high-pitched noise.


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You didn't happen to forget to plug in the P4 12v connector from the power supply to the motherboard by chance?
is the P4 the connector thats the 20+4 pin? or the 4 pin near the CPU? or something else that I forgot?

im pretty sure I have that plugged in though.....also i tried unplugging everything except the motherboard and it the MOBO still makes the darn noise =(
its an easy processor to replace, take out old one, line up new one with the little indents, gently place it and clamp it in.

could there be dust or something in between the CPU and the MOBO that would make it not work properly?
yes i applied thermal paste, but not an excessive amount, just a line down the middle like I saw suggested on several sights. Although I had some of the stuff on my hands from the old one I took out, if some had fallen in between how would i clean such a sensitive area?


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turn the off the cpu from its main
remove the power cable to avoid ny faulty current flow
once done
open ur case
ul see a small silver battery
all u have to do is
carefully press the pincher over it
do not touch the resisters on the motherboard
keep the mobo in a vertical position so the battery will fall off its place, read ur user manual if ur mobo may have a different way to lock the cmos batt

well b4 u do the same let me know something i did not ask u
where is the noise comming from
the C.p.u fan or the motherboard?

try seating ur RAm [how many rams have u installed?]
usually cmos battery do not cause ny trouble unless its 1 out of 100 case
to junei.

hi i also faced this problem with my HP laptop. IT is core2duo with 160 gb hardisk and 1gb ram. The noise of the fan was so loud that it created a lot of irritation to me. I complained this to hp firstly they changed the cpu fan. But the problem did not solve. then i searched the internet for loud fan noise in hp 6510 laptop and i found that 90% of buyers of this laptop was facing this problem.

The problem was solved only after replacing the motherboard with higher rev no.

1)so i also suggest you just search the internet for the motherboard which your cpu have.And see what others say about the quality of motherboard.

2) you have to replace the motherboard if your problem is not solved.



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but our guy hears a sharp sound
which means
that theres something wrong on the motherboard
either the Ram/cmos power/cpu pin is damaged
Make sure your motherboard supports the 45nm Core 2 Duo. It may only support the 65nm Core 2 Duo / Quad. The E7200 is 45nm.
the motherboard supports the 45nm and the sound is not coming from the fan, its coming from the motherboard itself, does this still mean its a cmos battery problem?

even when I remove the cpu fan/heat sink, all pci/pcie cards, all the ram, i still get this noise, so it has to be the motherboard or PSU. So are the any other things it could be besides a cmos battery problem?


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The P4 12V connector is the smaller 4 pin connector near the CPU but I guess you did connect it.


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the cmos battery does not make noise or even a sound, it is not the problem. if the mobo is making any sounds with no cpu or pci/pcie cards or ram u have answered it u're self, it can only be the mother board or psu. and if either of those is making much noise it should be replaced.


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the motherboard made sounds after removing the hardware device like Ram
indicating that there was some hardware missing
im still not convinced that its the mobos fault
ul have to try swapping ur parts with ur friends and lwt me know wat the results were
i just think its a matter of incompaitability
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