New DFI LanParty Ultra D, Low RPMs...

By deano3041
Aug 12, 2005
  1. Well, I just got finished installing a new Lanparty Ultra D, and the CPU fan is going really slow. Speeds around 950rpm.. Im pretty sure its something with the BIOS becuase before it shows the lanparty logo its spinning what it looks like on my gigabyte board, pretty dang fast.

    This is my friends first build, so im trying to help him out with the problem. He finally got it done a few minutes after I left to go home and it wouldnt turn on, and whaddya know, when i get back, it works.

    Is This normal, or is there something wrong?

    P.S. Temps are around 38C...

    Edit: I copied this into word. Thought I was gonna be on my name, but i was on my friends lol...i am not deano who posted this...
  2. deano3041

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    Fixed...Mods please close this...
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