New Equipment

By Vandav
Sep 15, 2006
  1. Just trying to sort out some things in my mind. What is the difference between/among the "Dual-Core", "Core 2", and ???? Some of these newer machines? It looks like some of them are the same with different names, and some are 1/2 the speed while others seem to indicate they are double the speed, etc.. Sorry, I haven't been able to keep up with all these changes. If you can give me a 2-bit tour answer that's fine. Thanks, van
  2. Chas2

    Chas2 TS Rookie

    New Equipment (Toys)

    Hi Vandiv:
    I find some good info on about info on all the components
    that make up a computer system. Check it out
    Just bought a combo package, Asus A8S-X with a 64 bit AMD Processor but not a dual core, to expensive.
    I got the Board and the processor with fan for $137.00.
    1 stick of Ultra 400mhz 1gig ddr400 PC3200 RAM for $129.00.

    Had to pick up a PCI Express video card $49.00. Now if I get away with this I'll be happy camper. This thing should move some 0s and 1s. 3Fusion
    GeForce 7300. Ya Hoo we gonna have some fun now.
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