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New graphics card, blue screen

By itch
Jul 27, 2008
  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here.

    Quick history of my comp's problems:
    -Bought it and from day 1 it had a blue screen error problem. I tried to track it down myself, but eventually sent it back to where I bought it and they fixed it telling me it was the motherboard.

    -Got it back and there were no more blue screens. Hurray! However, while playing games I started noticing strange graphical artifacts (terrain stretching etc). It wasn't a huge problem though, so I ignored it (foolishly).

    -The graphics card seemed to get worse and worse until eventually I started getting graphical glitches on the desktop (and following the mouse cursor) and it could no longer play most games without overheating and crashing. I had left it too long to do anything about it and it was out of warranty.

    -So I bought a new one to replace it (GeForce 8800GT), which I installed earlier this week. However I now have a blue screen of death problem again. I think it may be the same error I was getting when I first got the comp, but I can not be certain (because I didn't save the info). The problem is:

    0x00000F4 (0x0000003 0x8.... 0x8... 0x8...)

    So far this has crashed while I have been downloading a patch for and while playing World of Warcraft and has not occurred when running any other games or programs (some of them much more graphically intense), however if my previous experiences are anything to do by, the crashes can occur at any time.

    So my instinct is to try and send the graphics card back and tell them the problem I have with it, however due to the blue screens I had when I first got my PC I have an awful feeling they would just continue with a replacement card.

    I have checked the C:\WINDOWS\minidump folder and it contains nothing.

    Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

    Edit: Just realised I've posted this in other hardware when I meant to put it in graphical and sound. Sorry.
  2. Ididmyc600

    Ididmyc600 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,309

    Under consumer law any item that has been or has shown an inherent fault since day one is classed as unfit for use, first contact the supplier and advise him of the fault either by phone or by letter, they may ask you to get an independant evaluation of the fault.

    If you get no joy then contact the citizens advice bureau for further advice.

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