New hard drive for gaming

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May 28, 2007
  1. tipstir

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    Do you live in the USA?
    If you do, go to Staples they got great deals on HDD upto 750GB, I get all my Maxtor HDDs there. 500GB really cheap now.. Oh whatever you do don't get OEM drives yeah they're cheap but you don't get the full protection and retail box with goodies. But you'll save some money.. Try
  2. justinone

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  3. tipstir

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    That's the WD 160GB it's okay.. You say shuttering in your games? Is your video graphics onboard or are you using a PCI or AGP video card? Onboard Video would cause the shuttering or a slow CPU. HDD would only be it if the RPMs was slow or the drive was failing. Do you defrag your HDD daily?
  4. k.jacko

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    Hi all,

    don't wanna be slanderous in my first post, but those Caviars aren't that good imho.

    I currently use a Samsung SpinPoint SP2504C, 250Gb sata drive.
    Its really, truly quiet AND fast!

    They are often used in raid functions like NAS boxes because of there speed.

    And at approx. £50 ish for 250Gb, you can't really go wrong

    But as tipstir mentioned, there are other factors that could cause your issues besides your hdd. When your games start stuttering, see if you can get into the processes tab of the task manager and see what else is running in the background that may affect performance.

    edit: Doh! sorry, just realised you're looking for an ata, and not sata drive.
    Maxtors aint too bad, Diamond Max range, very cheap.
    If your mobo doesn't have sata connectors then it must be old and possibly not up to the task anyways.
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