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Sep 10, 2007
  1. I have a desktop with windows XP on it. I have the restore CDs, but the computer did not come with a windows XP cd. But, now after few years it is crashing all the time, and some of my friends told me that I need a new hard drive as it is crashing. If I can buy a hard drive from ebay, can I leagally use my restore CDs to load windows on my machine or do I have to buy a new copy of the windows xp. I also have an old windows 98 cd from an old machine, which is now dead for few years. But I assume I cannot load that either legally. Someone please let me know if I can do that. Thanks for all help.

  2. AlbertLionheart

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    OK - a number of questions!
    It may be that your hard drive is OK and that all you need to do is reinstall the operating system. The same process applies if you have a new hard drive or are reinstalling on the old one.
    If you have a legal copy you can reuse it. If your PC came with a set of restore CDs you can use those as they should include a copy of XP in the set.
    Before doing this, make sure you have made a backup of any personal files you wish to keep as the process can destroy everything on the CD.
    It may be possible to repair your operating system using the restore CD set -
    some have an option to repair instead of replace but you won't find out until you start the process.
    Start the restore/repair by booting the system from the first restore CD and follow instuctions.
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    Most 'crashing' is caused by software,not hardware.

    First run CCleaner,then do some antispyware scans.

    Go into msconfig/Start up and uncheck everything except Firewall/AV

    Run Chkdisk.

    If nothing improves use the restore disks for your current system.

    You can then image that to a new drive,if necessary.

    I think Microsoft will let you put 98 on anything you want,

    they have washed their hands of it.
  4. RD800

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    Thank you, I'll try to restore using the restore CDs. Thanks,
  5. Aolish

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    Just like others have said, your hd is probably fine. You just need to do a fresh format of the disc. All the years of stray files, drivers, miscellaneous softwares, and registry entries that get collected (uninstalling/reinstalling programs) can collect in the system making it unstable. Most people here would agree doing a spring cleaning (meaning format) of the system is great every year or two. It keeps the system clean and running trouble free. Your copy of Win98 just might work on that machine, from what I remember there was no activation process like XP. As long as you still have your product key you should be good to go. If you can't you can get yourself an oem xp at newegg. Great place to buy stuff and there delivery is super fast! good luck
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