New Hard Drive Problems (can't get my new slave to work)

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I just got a new 80gb WesternDigital HardDrive, and I'm gonna replace my old 4gb slave with my new 80gb one.

-My OS runs off a 20 gb WD(the master).

-I remove my current 20 gb master and then install the new 80gb as the new master (jumpers settings = master/single).

-I went into my BIOS and set the thing up by auto detecting the specs and it reads everything fine.

-ran Fdisk, selected one of the options to partition, then formated it.

-typed dir /p to make sure the format actually worked. (it shows that theres 0 folders and ~80gb of space, all is cool.)

-change the jumpers to slave, put the old master back in (jumpers = master/with slave)

-boot back into windows, goto 'My Computer' expecting to see the new slave, but theres nothing there, my old slave was D: but now its bumped my CD roms into D: and E:.

now I know I'm obviously missing something, but I have no clue what.

any help would be great.


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I think the problem might be in your OS. I don't think Win 98 will recognize a single 80gig partition. If you are using 98 you will need to split up into smaller partitions of the largest size being 32gig. I hope this helps.

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Poertner is right, I tried installing 98 with a 120GB partition once and it recognized it as an 8GB HDD (roughly). I also tried it with an 80GB partition and it came up the same, except for the size it recognized the partition as :p . I think smaller partitions are the way to go :grinthumb .
Try making your cd rom drive a different drive letter that would not be next in sequence so that your hard drive can get the next letter. Or get partition magic and that will be able to cure all that ales you.


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If you format using FAT 32, enable LBA in your bios, and providing your bios supports large hard disks of greater than 8GB, then windows 98 will support hard disks up to 2 Tera Bytes (depending on your ATA controller). The limit for ATA-33, ATA-66 and ATA-100 controllers is 137GB, though some controllers that implement 48 bit addressing (ATA-133 and some ATA-100) will support up to 144 PB (more than current file systems support).

However, Windows 2000 only supports FAT 32 partition up to 32GB size, but Windows 98 has no such limit and will handle the full 2 TB. If you are having problems then you are probably doing something wrong. I have Windows 98 installed on a 40GB hard disk and previously on an 80GB disk with no problems whatsoever.

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