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By jbiggs09
Nov 18, 2007
  1. ok so i was just about to purchase the Q6600 processor when i heard about the new Penryn's. I was looking at the E5420 model of the Penryn thats clocked at 2.5ghz - 1333MHz FSB

    If my only purpose for the computer im buying is to play games on it would there be a noticeable difference between the Q6600 and the E5420 Penryn?

    I want to get a new comp now to play games such as CoD4, Crysis, etc.

    Let me know what i should do, thanks.
  2. RedFox911

    RedFox911 TS Rookie Posts: 67

    I have a q6600 and its great, and future proof. Between intel penyrn and the q6600 you wont really see that much of a performance difference, due to the fact that there are nt many games/ programs out there that even use more than 2 cores. But if the E5420 is cheaper than the q660o( wich is around 270) then i would get penryn.
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