new laptop will not connect to the internet

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Dec 4, 2005
  1. i bought an ACER laptop lsat week and when i tried to connect to the internet a little balloon apears and it says ' No or Limited connection' im kinda new at this but already tried to repair ip adresss and it still wont work also tried turning of firewalls and all that stuff, ........... ow and im connecting straight to the modem no router and crap.... just wanting internet nothing less nothing more can any1 help me please!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. EspoMan

    EspoMan TS Rookie

    You might need a cross-over Cat5 cable maybe? Never really had this problem when connecting directly to the modem. Have you tried plugging in the modem into another computer to see if it works?
  3. memyselfandi

    memyselfandi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes, i have and it works fine on that one
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    Go back to the shop where you bought it and RTFM.
  5. memyselfandi

    memyselfandi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    did return a previous laptop and had the same problem could it be the isp ?
  6. Rick

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    It probably isn't the ISP, but a faulty modem, cabling, lines or improper setup (possibly on their part as well).

    Just as a heads up, you're going to really want to check any manuals or documentation they provide - All ISPs are different. Many cable providers are DHCP (automatic) and get you online right away. Sometimes they require you enter your account number before you can begin using a setup utility.

    While many are DCHP, some DSL services are PPPOE which requires a username and password. If you aren't putting in this information, that could be an issue too.

    I've seen lots of Internet problems related to lines. One family cut a dedicated line which run to the telco box... Another customer didn't pay their ISP bill. :haha: They had no idea why they didn't have Internet.. hehe! There was another scenario where downed power lines interrupted phone service for an area of town, but when they repaired the lines, at least a few blocks of people were no longer able to access their DSL. Go figure!

    The point is that these kinds of problems aren't uncommon and you should consult your ISP and/or cable/phone company for some troubleshooting before you smash a face-sized dent in your desk. If you have documentation or more details on your service (Like what company, DSL.. cable...?) then maybe we can help you out.
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