New memeory not being shown in BIOS

By sparky2962
May 28, 2006
  1. I have a Soyo Dragon 2 MB and have changed my memory to 4 modules of 256m eg ddr. Problem is that the Bios on indicates 512 meg and SIW only shows 128 meg in each slot. Since all slots are there same it is now Dual Channel. Why don't I show IGigB of memory?
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    Do you know the maximum RAM supported by the motherboard? There are limits. What is the exact model of your mobo? There are several Dragon 2 models. I tried to find your manual but didn't have enough information.
  3. sparky2962

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    More info on board

    My MB is KT880 Dragon 2 v2 and is capable of 4 GigB of ram. The manual is not very comprehensive where the Memory slots is concerned. I might add that the system runs pretty fast now but I don't know if it is utilizing all that memory. Also some programs need 1 Gig and warn me that I only have 512M.
    System :
    Soyo kt880 Dragon 2 v2
    4 modules 256Meg ddr Kingston (recomended for this board)
    Athlon xp 2600 2 GigHz Processor
    G Force 5200 AGP Card 256Meg

    I think that about covers it.
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    I recommend switching to 2 x 512mb modules. See if that works.
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