New Motherboard; XP Repair Install Ok, but no OS boot. Any other tips?

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Nov 28, 2005
  1. I'v exchanged a SIS-chipped m/b with Athlon XP Processor for a Nvidia chipset with Athlon 64. The repair install went fine (to detect all new h/ware) but the OS won't boot at all (doesn't even show the driver-loading stage). In Safe Mode the drivers load for a while then it gives up and reboots.
    There's no problem with the hardware, as a fresh install of the same XPSP2 to a different HDD works fine.
    I tried hiding the old registry hives by renaming 'System', but another repair install was not then offered when trying again (so System now back as was).
    I can probably reattach the hdd to the original m/b and see if it will still boot with that if anyone has tips for giving a good chance of a successful transplant if I delete some of the original drivers or whatever (graphics had already been changed to MS default). Everything vital is backed up, so a fresh install is not a major problem; just a darned nuisance to get everything reinstalled and tweaked again, and it's a little surprising that it didn't work when the repair install went so swimmingly.
  2. iss

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    a repair install is not a sure thing when you have made a change to a completely different chipset. your best course of action is a reformat and reinstall.
  3. AhRO

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    I agree with ISS. Reformat and a clean install is by far you best option. and if you are in to tweaking. then Reformat and clean install is by far your only option. tweaking is time consuming lol. but u gots to walk the walk :wave:
  4. teledu

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    Reinstall it is...

    Thanks for the advice ISS/AhRO:
    Given in gracefully, and got a nice tidy machine, albeit with not a lot running yet.
    Did the same transplant over the weekend for a friend on a SIS-to-SIS (K7S5A to L7S7A2) and of course that was happy.
  5. AhRO

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    :) you welcome. all the best
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