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Dec 9, 2003
  1. hi i am having a new pc built. the specs are
    amd athlon xp2600+
    80gb hard drive
    1 gig of ram
    the computer is mainly going to be for gaming but i dont want to spend loads of money on a graphics card so i was wondering what card to get?
    i heard about the nvidia fx5200, ati radeon 9200 and the ati radeon 9600 which one of these is the best and about how much do they cost?
  2. Nic

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    Why start a new thread on something you've already posted and had answered?

    That's like a slap in the face to all those that took the time to answer your last post. You should have continued that thread rather that cluttering up the forums by repeating with a near identical new thread. Not really having a go at you here, just making you aware of your actions so you don't step on too many toes by duplicate posting. ;)

    New PC

  3. mayesey

    mayesey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    sorry, but this one is based mainly around the graphics card because im not having the fx5200 anymore and want to know the difference between the different radeon 9600 cards
  4. siggers

    siggers TS Rookie Posts: 30

    personally, im having problems with my radeon 9600 card, so i cant really back up ati right now hehe. check reviews and such to find the best card for your dollar, depending on how much you want to spend.
  5. mayesey

    mayesey TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    thanks alot siggers ill have a look around
  6. lolifedro

    lolifedro TS Rookie

    dont get the fx5200 as this card preforms very poorly compared to a 9600pro or 9600xt. A 9600Xt will run you as low as 189 and a 9600pro will be around 150.
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