New to board and have a problem after fixing spyware

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Aug 27, 2007
  1. Hello everyone. I was recently attacked with the big red bio hazard screen. I did a search on the forums and found a person with similar problems. I went ahead and did what the tech said to do to help get rid of the trojan and such.

    Worked great. No more pop ups saying I am infected or buy this now, etc etc.

    Problem I have now is if I goto reboot my computer, it goes to the black safe mode screen. If I click safe mode it just keeps cycling. Only way to stop is if I click go to last normal operating point (or something like that) and then all is fine unless I click reboot again. Then same problem repeats. I have posted a highjackthis if it helps. Thanks in advance!

    I had to attach the highjack log. it was to large to post
  2. raybay

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    Have you examined your BIOS boot options, and in Adminstrative Tools->Computer Management->Disk Management to see if those aspects are normal or changed.
  3. Maser

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    I checked in admin and nothing looks out of the ordinary there. And on bios everything shows that it should boot like normal. But when shut down and rebooted it says a basic pre text screen, computer might not have been properly shut down, or recent loss of power etc etc. and has the list of safe mood options or normal boot up. /shrug
  4. raybay

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    Something got damaged, and needs to be fixed.
    Well, you definitely have something rong somewhere. These get tricky, as you obviously know.
    If you built this unit yourself, I would double check every switch, jumper, socket, and cable... remove and reinstall every thing than can be removed and reinstalled.
    But it sounds to me like a faulty windows install, or a faulty hard drive... if it were not for the Big Red BIO Hazard screen spot.

    I would first re-run all your antivirus and antispyware scanners in normal mode, then immediately afterward in safe mode safe mode because some of that trash knows how to hide in memory.
    If you have a version of Windows on Disc that will allow a cold boot to Repair mode, I would run that next, because that will repair most damage caused by the evil doers.
    Sometimes these problems are easier fixed by a reinstall, than by troubleshooting them to death.
  5. Maser

    Maser TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I think I fixed it. I went adhead and ran a registry cleaner. (forgot to do) And had 135 errors from loading programs to fix the attack and the attack itself I guess. All seems good now. Thanks for the input.
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