New Track - Take them down (When they come around)

By mephisto_007
May 15, 2005

    Too much swearing i guess, but that how i really feel after all. Any comment would gladly appreciate

    Tarasha rise up in this mother f**ka

    We’re about to get it down so listen up as we take you to next level

    Uhhh what?

    [Verse 1]
    Re-posit the lease picturing my teen
    When I was a young child I wasn’t wild then
    Exclusive my mine I wasn’t blind when
    I came and saw they couldn’t say at all
    After them fall - they know whose to call
    Only sucker in me couldn’t stop bully
    The fights go on but where is my enemy?
    Kong trouble maker Loung the ***** shaker
    I make all the settlement before they liberate it
    They plea backup - ain’t a mob I’m the leader
    I choose to fight bar not to die -
    By another broke mother f**ker
    My brother - you came - we stand no harm
    I am - you are - cuz we are the bomb
    Still remain the gangster keep them faker
    Shake make them scream lean to buster
    My knocker propel tell me how you cry
    Die mother f**ker die try invading my life
    Associated its goes enter the bloody force
    I wasn’t cross threshold just to glory avoid
    You’re like toy I play to smack nothin is distinct
    I’m unique you couldn’t ride with the heat
    If you’re hoe then you came from a *****
    Recognize the sign prior falling the pit
    You wouldn’t fit it – you out of league
    You irritated–can’t stand the meat
    Down with the beast? speaking thick
    Only to show – you f**king dim-witted

    f**k You Mother f**ker
    Take them down when they come around

    You wanna ride me? Getta f**k outta here biaatcchh!!!

    Uhhh What?

    [Verse 2]
    I wasn’t down but those f**ka wanna clown
    We’re compound and pronounce you dead now -
    They come around obsession pretend stirring
    My brother we call prior to this f**king ballin
    We stroll and spread fold to attack goal
    Retaliate any foe that reacts - to protect our soul
    You can’t acquired to identify our sole pride
    Coming up like a bullet shot spit it off - toss it up - ***** better recognize
    I won’t die we multiply by, succeed
    We breed like seed increase proliferated
    Indeed you need not to worry - cuz we can’t stop
    You can’t top us - you never pop us
    How you gonna brawl - if you never sore
    How you gonna ball - stipulation f**king dough
    You know how it works? you’re ain’t thug just a ***** broker
    Work your *** earn your cash feed your daughter
    Credit card you got – you f**kin beggar?
    My intention make you suffer
    After all they should know - who’s the hammer!! mother f**ka

    Take them down

    Take them down when they come around

    Take them down
    Take them down

    Take them down when they come around
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