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Dec 26, 2005
  1. Hola! I recently picked up a 20.1" widescreen for my wife and I plan to upgrade an older computer's video card that will support the native resolution of the monitor. I would also like to be able to use this monitor for television and to watch DVDs. Very, very little gaming. Video cature and recording would be fine but isn't a priority. The computer has PCI slots only, I think, and it has a 64MB NVIDIA GeForce card at the moment.

    I currently have the monitor set up via the analog monitor cable, and it looks alright, but of course the picture is stretched out.

    Any suggestions on a single card that will take care of all my needs? Would I be better off using two cards? I could really use your help - I am not really clear on the difference between the options for video cards.
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    PS - the monitor is the sceptre 20" from Costco - no extra video inputs, just DVI. I would consider exchanging this if it made for an easier TV connection. I don't really understand why I can't go directly from the satt. box to the monitor - do I have to watch TV via software???
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    The first one only supports up to DirectX 7. Most modern software requires high DX versions. I suggest sticking with a card that supporst DX9.

    The second one is fine for TV, but again needs to be used in ADDITION to a display card. There are hundreds of TV tuner cards you could choose from, but you would need an AGP slot for a combo video display TV tuner card like the ATi All-In-Wonder cards.
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    I guess that's the scary part - there are 100s of cards to choose from. I like the idea of pressing a button to toggle between computer and TV - maybe I would be better off using a tv as a monitor, rather than a monitor as a tv......
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    There are many LCD monitor / TV's out there. Some that are even HDTV ready. Here's a good example:

    The cool thing about having a TV tuner card though, is that you can have a little TV window open on your desktop and surf the internet or other things at the same time.
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    What are your system specs? you should always put them in your profile. I can find a vid card that will work in your mobo (motherboard)
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