Newegg is adding DDR5 memory to its 'Shuffle' program


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In context: DDR5 memory was released a few months ago, but like graphics cards, there's also an evident shortage of this component throughout retailers. This led scalpers to target DDR5 memory just like they did with consoles and GPUs, selling them way above their MSRP.

We can only assume the lack of stock and high prices of DDR5 memory originates from the ongoing chip shortage, but considering scalpers are also getting their hands on these modules, they're also part of the problem.

If you want to get DDR5 memory at reasonable prices, there's still hope. Newegg added DDR5 memory modules to its Shuffle lottery-based system, which allows raffle winners to buy high-demand products at a discount.

Today's memory selection in the Shuffle includes a 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-4800 CL40 kit from TeamGroup, usually priced at $279.99, and a 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5-5200 CL40 kit from Gigabyte, which costs $329.99.

Both kits are only available alongside Z690 motherboards, so it may not suit those who just need DDR5 memory to complete their system. The cheapest bundle combines the TeamGroup memory with an MSI Pro Z690-A WiFi for $509.98. The other two bundles have the Gigabyte memory and a Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master or a Z690 Aorus Xtreme, available for $779.98 and $1209.98, respectively.

The daily Shuffle has already ended at the time of writing, but expect to see more DDR5 memory kits on future Shuffle offerings, hopefully as a single product.

At the moment, DDR5 memory is hard to get without paying significantly more than MSRP, and that will likely continue for the foreseeable future. If you haven't bought a DDR5 memory-supported motherboard yet, you may want to consider a DDR4 board. As seen in our Intel Core i9-12900K review, the "extra performance" from DDR5 memory might not be worth the additional costs.

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I noticed DDR5 on there today. The couple of offerings, the RAM itself was $300+, not to mentioned it was bundled with a $200-250 MB. Nothing like spending $500-600 for just the chance at getting RAM.


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If you want a good deal, do like me - buy a new PC on approaching the end of the current memory standard. That way, you will end up paying dimes for memory that tries to squeeze every bit of possible performance out of the standard.

I bought my previous PC (with DDR3) about 6 months before the first DDR4 prototypes started to appear. And I bought my current one about 6 months before DDR5 started to appear in shops, hugely overpriced, naturally.

So each time I had the highest-performing memory of the current standard, for the least money, and thus getting the best value. My current PC uses 64GB of DDR4-4000, for which I paid 305 euro.


A good time to buy a PC with DDR5 will be after DDR6 has started making headlines, and not before.
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I will eff with DDR5 when it makes sense to, as gaming is typically what I do that works my computer the hardest. I am not confident current modules will perform better down the road, nor am I confident right now that newer kits in the future will surprise us. I could definitely be wrong about that, but at double the frequency already it's not looking great. I was one of the ones really excited about DDR5 from what I read about it, so I hope it does surprise me. The faith I have comes from the rumours and announcements of 10,000MHz+ kits eventually coming.

Fingers crossed.


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I need 64gb for my gaming rig. There are a few places in my country where I have a slim chance of getting DDR5, but they limit you to max 32gb. They’ve even resorted to selling single sticks. Who on earth is going to buy an Alder Lake CPU and an expensive Z690 motherboard, only to put a single stick in there? I guess if you’re desperate and that’s all you have?


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Once my current build is no longer viable, I'm done with gaming till this nonsense is over with, IF that ever happens. If not, screw it. I'm done. Plenty of other ways to entertain myself.