Newly built rig blue screens during windows installation

By penguinshepherd
Feb 12, 2009
  1. i got this sweet computer (piece by piece) off of tigerdirect.comand built it all myself.
    everything seemed to be working fine until i installed windows. it gets through the initial part running off the cd and all the way through the product code. but very near the end it always throws this blue screen error code: 0x0000008E.

    if i understand correctly, that code generally has to do with memory. windows xp supports up to 3 gigs of ram and i am only using 2.
    i've tried taking sticks out, relocating sticks, even tested both ramsticks. they both work and windows just isn't.

    cpu: intel core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz 3mb 1066fsb
    mobo: xfx nforce 630i w/ onboard geforce 7100
    ram: corsair twinx 2048mb pc6400 ddr2 800mhz
    psu: atx switching power supply 450w
    gpu: onboard geforce 7100 128mb
  2. Tedster

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    your ram may not be the correct brand and type recommended for the motherboard. RTFM
    you may also need a bios update. Read the updating bios guide in the guides forum.
  3. penguinshepherd

    penguinshepherd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry i didn't reply when i figured it out.
    apparently it had something to do with hte bus speed. the processor was running at 1066 mhz and the ram was at 800. the fsb was copying the processor and leaving the memory at 800 which didn't play nice with the higher other speeds.

    all i ended up doing was changing the fsb down to 800mhz and everything worked fine. thanks for the help.
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