Newly built system won't power on

By mshreves
Mar 8, 2008
  1. alright, so i bought a new motherboard, cpu, case with psu, blah blah blah.
    heres the weird part. i piece everything together, the new mobo, cpu, ram, my old hard drive, disk drive, and a new media reader.
    i turn it on and nothing out of the monitor, my new mobo only has one ide slot.
    i have my old hard drive and the disk drive, i set my hard drive to master, disk to slave. the hard drive will power on as well as the disk drive, unless plugged into the mobo. when plugged into the mobo a red light illuminates on the front panel.
    nothing out of the monitor, just mobo, cpu, ram. nothing out of the monitor, im not too experienced in building, this is my first. but the biggest reason im doing this is because my other computer would not work through the monitor anymore either. i plug my laptop into the monitor and it works just fine. i plan on getting a new sata drive for music, ect. this one will be for vista only. i have about 500 or so into this now and still cant get on. please help.
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    Welcome to Tech Spot.

    As a new member, you're encouraged to read the guidelines/info you'll find on the links at Community and Posting Guidelines

    Also, you've posted in the Introduction forum (So let me say "Hi" :) )

    You'll find there's a CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos forum better suited for your question.
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