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By zeyyil
Feb 10, 2008
  1. Hi. Ok, so I've done my research and it seems that there is a bug in Nibiru when installed from Bigfish games and not installed by cd.

    Anyway. So I'm stuck, I need ketchup for the hotdog however when I get into the hotel, the "bad" guy is standing in the way of the ketchup I can't get by him to the ketchup.
    IS there anyone, anyone that has a saved game right after having applied the ketchup to the hotdog??? PLease????

    I strongly need any help.

    Thank you:wave:
  2. ikes

    ikes TS Rookie


    i found a sollution for the ketchup not active problem...

    I searched for the problem and saw that more people had this problem. I discovered something with F12. When you enter the hotel and the guy in white sits at the bar and the ketchup is not active. Click on the drunk guest in white on the bar and rightafter you start walking towards him press F12, he disapears and you go stand before him. Then notice that your cursor still says guest in thin air, click on guest and now press F12 again. It triggers a conversation from the night before. Just click trough this and you walk to the door. Now the ketchup is active!

    Enjoy :wave:

    Greetings Ikes
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