Nintendo Switch update finally adds support for folders

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Editor's take: The ability to sort games into folders is one of the most requested Switch features. While it's a positive sign that Nintendo finally delivered, the implementation probably won't appease everyone. Furthermore, why did it take more than five years to make it happen?

Nintendo has finally added a feature to the Switch that arguably should have been there from day one.

The new feature, which came bundled as part of the version 14.0.0 software update on March 21, enables users to create groups on the Switch. Groups are essentially folders; users can create up to 100 unique groups, and each one can hold a maximum of 200 titles.

Groups can only be utilized when you have a dozen or more software titles saved on your Switch. Notably, the same game can be added to multiple categories. For example, you could have classic Zelda games in a dedicated Zelda group and a Retro group.

Update 14.0.0 also modifies Bluetooth audio behavior. The maximum volume output for some Bluetooth devices has been increased, and you'll now be able to adjust the volume level of Bluetooth devices using either the Switch or the controls on your audio device. What's more, the volume displayed on the Switch should now reflect Bluetooth audio volume when changes are made using the device's control buttons.

Full details on how to create and manage groups can be found over on Nintendo's support page.

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Nintendo is in their own little world.
There are many things their competitors do that they just can't be bothered to do, or do well (like online stuff).

Even inside their own little world, they have already done this; my 3ds has folders you can sort downloads into!

No, it's just continued laziness for Nintendo (combined with the undemanding fan-base which is happy to wait half-a decade for some basic fixes / new game titles!)


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I'll never understand why developers don't take a look at other more popular platforms and borrow basic ideas.

They Do.

PSN pretty much copied XBL feature for feature and to a smaller degree still do to this day.

Sadly even Early era PSN on the PS3 has more features than Nintendo Online.

It's crazy to think about, but in many ways the Switch was a stepback from the awesome work that was done on the 3DS.