No active mixer devices available

By jeramaya
Feb 10, 2009
  1. Twice my PC has crashed (Emachine W3650) since I bought it back in the day.
    Restore drive doesn't seem to work so I borrowed a copy of Windows Home for reinstall. As Home wasn't the original OS I had to go and locate lost drivers. Got it to work again last time. This time however i am having issues with the sound card.

    There are no active mixer devices available it says.
    Device Manager says I have Legacy Audio drivers (No drop down)
    Unknown PCI Device
    ----------- PCI Simple Communications Controller
    ----------- Video Controller ( VGA Compatible)
    Computer has a built in sound card
    Intel detection software says I am running Intel(R) 945GV Express Chipset Family.

    I have been up for days beating my head on the wall trying to figure out what i did last time to regain my sound but im afraid no luck. Please help save an innocent computer from its destiny with the dump.

    Yes I realize the OS i installed didnt have the chipset drivers I needed but as I stated earlier I had no disk (Secondary drive non operable) and have done this reinstall before and managed the fix... I just cant seem to remember how..
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    I can't see how you can borrow an XP Home disc; without having a valid key
    Unless that computer has two keys :confused:

    Anyway, I read the thread and it's likely requires Service Pack 2 or 3(ideally)
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