No amplification for microphone voice to laptop speakers

By lgurovic
Mar 6, 2010
  1. Original question:
    Need help in Windows XP for voice amplification. The option: “start – control panel-sound/audio-voice-hardware test” works fine. But trying to direct use of a microphone to notebook speaker does not work. I believe it is a configuration problem I cannot solve by myself. Appreciate your help

    Got this answer:
    When I look in my custom sound control panel (SoundMax), there is a
    section for "Record" and a section for "Playback". Each of those
    sections, has an entry for "Microphone". In particular, check the
    "Playback" section. Enabling the microphone in the Playback section,
    causes any sounds on the microphone, to show up on the computer

    As suggested by Paul, I tried SoundMax control panel, Section Playback. No microphone option is present. How ca I add this option, to get my spoken word in the microphone, to be amplified by the speakers?
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