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Feb 13, 2010
  1. The motherboard I was using for a while had a weird thing with the build in motherboard sound. Whenever I unplugged my headphones or something it would take me hours of resetting and waiting for them to actually work again. Then one day when I had to move I had to unplug my headphones and I couldn't get my sound to work on my computer ever since and now it has a X on the sound on the bottom right. I am not computer illiterate.. I do know that it isn't muted. I have updated all the drivers to the most recent and still nothing. I right click on the volume icon and it says no audio device is installed when clearly there is when I go to the device manager and there is Realtek High Definition Audio in the list. I have tried disabling it and re-enabling and also uninstalling it and the software and restarting the computer to download the driver again itself. Still nothing. The other day I bought a new motherboard to hopefully fix the sound issue but unfortunately it has not because it looks like the bad settings from the other board is still there in the system. My system specs are:

    Windows Vista Home Basic 32 Bit
    EP45-UD3L - Giga-Byte Motherboard
    4 Gigs of ram
    Geforce GT 240 Graphics Card

    I'd put in screen shots but apparently I can't do that until 5 posts....

    If anyone knows any solution to my problem can you please help me out. I love to play games on my computer and they just aren't the same without sound :(
  2. Archean

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    Did you reinstalled your windows?

    It is recommended that if you replace system's motherboard, you must reinstall the windows as well. There are some tricks to avoid that but I wouldn't recommend it, because usually at some time you eventually do run into trouble with such.

    Have you checked your system's logs? you can do so by going to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer and under Windows Logs review Application & System Logs and see if they tells you something.

    Also right click on my computer and then go to device manager, scroll down to sound, video and game controllers and see what is the status of y our sound card ?
  3. Flannelwarrior

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    Sounds like there might be a system file missing. Straight out of the box, my girlfriend's new netbook would not display a volume icon at all. I did some hunting and it turned out it was because a file from the system32 folder was gone.

    Try reading this thread.
  4. mak777

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    Hi all,
    I am new to the forum. "No audio output..." brings me here as I had the similar problem couple of days ago. Luckily I had found a suggestion at noaudiooutput dot com that worked for me. If you didn't find a solution yet, you can visit the site. Maybe you too can find a suggestion that work for you as they have various suggestion depending on different causes. I will be glad if this help you or any one else. :)
  5. alicee92

    alicee92 TS Rookie

    hi. I have the same problem and its driving me crazy. I tried everything i can but when i try to play music it says that there's no audio device installed or it might be in use by another program, while in control panel, sounds & audio devices, it says there's no audio device. what can i do?? please help me
  6. mailpup

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    You should begin by installing your sound device's driver.
  7. alicee92

    alicee92 TS Rookie

    well thats the problem. i dont know how to reinstall it because i dont have the cd anymore
  8. mailpup

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    But you said you had the same problem. Anyway, if that's the problem, you should have included it in your original post. If you are using onboard sound and your PC is made by a major manufacturer (Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway, etc.), you should go to their website to locate the driver you need. If the PC is a custom or self-built machine, then go to the motherboard manufacturer's website for the sound driver. If you are using a separate sound card, go to the sound card maker's website for the latest audio driver.
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