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Jun 3, 2007
  1. Hi! pls help.. I just reinstalled windows and I cant hear any sounds from my computer.

    When I tried to open sounds and audio device from control panel it says no audio device.

    I looked into the device manager I found Multimedia audio controller, PCI simple communications controller and video controller with a yellow question mark. I tried to update each hardware but there's no luck. it says that the driver was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software.

    Can you help me with this? and to where I can find the software needed for this? I dont have any installation CD if this does need one.

    WindowsXP Professional SP2-performance edition
    VIA P4X333-8235
    VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller (WDM)
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    I'm assuming (since you didn't provide any system specs) this is a store purchased computer. If it is, you should have received a system disk with it. If so, all your drivers for all hardware should be on this disk.
    If it isn't a store purchased system, you should be able to find all the drivers you need on the disk provided with the motherboard.
    If you don't have either disk, then please provide your system specs so that we may be able to provide you some links to manufacturers driver sites.
  3. chabelle

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    I do have a driver disk but I dont know what to do with it. it has Windows XP HSF Generic Drivers on it. it talks about modems so I'm not sure if this is the one needed for this or what.
  4. sghiznaneck

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    This should be the disk you need. Pop the disk into your CD-ROM or DVD ROM (whichever applies). If Auto Run is set for these drives, the disk menu should start automatically. If not, click on my computer to bring up all the drives on your system, and then right click on the drive which displays the disk is in the drive. Scroll down to explore and see if you can find the drivers for the audio device. If this is indeed the disk that came with your computer, it should have ALL the drivers you need for that motherboard and hardware setup. Once you find the audio device driver, just left click on it and it will install. You will have to follow the prompts, as applicable.
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  6. chabelle

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  7. chabelle

    chabelle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I already did that but it only says no software was found.
  8. chabelle

    chabelle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks!! this one helps.. I still have a problem though. dont know if this is related to sounds or I need to post another thread for this but I already mentioned it earlier. heres what, i still find PCI simple communications controller and video controller (VGA compatible) with a yellow question mark under other devices. I dont have any idea what are all these. If anyone could give me an information about this and what it is for it would be much appreciated. And how or where can I install this to remove the yellow mark on it. thanks in advance!
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