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Aug 29, 2010
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  1. Im trying to connect my PC to my TV(LG5000). I am doing this via a HDMI dongle plugged in to the second port of my GTX275 and then via HDMI cable to the TV(using the TV as a second monitor). The TV displays the output from the PC perfectly, however i dont seem to be able to get any audio signal through my TV speakers. Can anyone help?
  2. LookinAround

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    Look through [post=926040]Reference Guides to Help Setup and Troubleshoot Windows Audio and Sound Cards[/post]

    Also, look at my footnotes in that post. Make sure your audio default playback device is set to the HDMI sound card you're connecting to TV.

    Hope that might help
  3. andy06shake

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    What HDMI sound card? Im trying to get the pc to send audio via the HDMI cable to my TVs internal speakers. Just like how my xbox 360 does. Also i cant seem to find anything in your footnotes regarding TVs.
  4. LookinAround

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    I haven't checked the specs but if you're saying there's an HDMI connecter on your GTX275, yes??? Then that video card INCLUDES its own sound card as well. (i.e. that card will output both the graphics AND audio over the GTX275 HDMI port

    You need to look at footnote about default playback. Is your OLD sound card still enabled?? My guess
    > Old card still enabled. So you have 2 to choose from
    > So you must check the correct default playback device for HDMI sound is what you want in this case

    is all my best guess at the moment (if i'm understanding your equip setup correctly)...
  5. LookinAround

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    OK. My error

    .. I just looked at specs. My original understanding of equp was wrong.
    > You only have DVI connector on that GTX275
    > So you're using the HDMI "dongle" to convert the DVI to HDMI
    > So what Audio out connection are you trying to use from PC to what Audio in connection on TV?
  6. andy06shake

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    Theres some conflicting opinions on wether i can send an audio signal via my DVI port so gave up on trying to carry an audio signal via the DVI port on my GTX275 but Ive got 5.1 surround system plugged in to my soundcard. Obviously the TV only has 2 Internal speakers so i unplugged the 3 connectors to the woofer/speakers and connected the audio from the pc to the tv via the headphone jack on the soundcard(Black) to Audio R/L on the tv. Configured speaker settings back to stereo. But i still cannot get any sound through the tv. Any ideas?

    Im using Windows 7 Ultimate 64
  7. LookinAround

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    I agree with others saying No audio over DVI. I only saw you say "HDMI" in your first post. Missed the fact it was just an "HDMI dongle" connecting to a DVI port. DVI doesn't carry audio. So, as you've found, only video gets sent along from DVI => HDMI dongle => HDMI cable

    As to cabling from pc audio ports to the TV... not really sure but have you tested connecting a simple device (like a radio or CD audio player) to the TV to verify the TV sound connections?

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