No Connection (not receiving packets)

By kgoosie
Sep 26, 2008
  1. I have a computer at home that will not receive any packets. I have researched and researched this problem and have had no luck. I have tried to run the ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. When I use renew it says that the DHCP server is unavailable. I ahve checked the router and made sure that the lease for the computer does not expire. I will tell you that xp has been assigning a private ip of 169.254.***.***. Any help will be greatley appreciated.
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    I have followed the instructions in the other thread and have had no luck. The computer in question has been hooked to two different networks and it is the same problem with both. It is currently using comcast for an isp and connected to it with a d-link dir-655 router. Any other help will be appreciated.
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    169.***.***.*** are IP addresses Windows assigns when no DHCP server is found (called "auto-configure" addresses)

    you need to Start->Run, enter cmd. Run ipconfig /all and post the results back here

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    And why don't you tell us what firewall product you are using
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