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My pc turns on but there is no display on my monitor I have tried everything I know that my gpu is broken.
all the cables are correct
my monitor works fine
my external cables are fine like the vga
please help me

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Please describe system: make, model, cpu, os, gpu, monitor
When/what happened...etc


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Cpu is a i5 4570
motherboard is a hp prodesk 400 g1
gpu is a 960 2gb
windows 10 pro
600 watt psu

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Hp prodesk 400 g1 : >5 yrs old , original PSU is only 300w
When you upgraded PSU, what did you install? 600w is good size for GTX 960.

I am assuming that you have confirmed good operation of monitor and cables on another system.

problem: no display on monitor
1. confirm monitor has power (blue or red LED lower right of bezel) and the "brightness" setting is turned up
2. remove connection at monitor end of cable and reattach
3. remove connection at card and remove card
4. inspect card closely under strong light - look for burned elements
5. test gpu on another system

Since system is older, consider thorough cleaning and replacing thermal paste.

Similar, but more thorough advice is available here:
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Does the motherboard support on-board graphics? If so remove card and connect to the motherboard.

Which reminds me. Make sure you are connected to the card and not the motherboard, while the GPU is in the machine. Putting a GPU in the system will toggle graphics from the motherboard to the card.