No monitor signal when inserting better graphics card

By justinj93
Dec 25, 2011
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  1. EDIT: Heh, 5 minutes after posting this i decided to reset my bios and what do ya know, it decides to recognize my graphics card. I should've done that first... Merry Christmas. feel free to close thread.

    Hey everyone, first off Merry Christmas to you all!

    Here's my issue. I have an NVIDIA 9500 gt graphics card. I've never had any problem with it before. I've been trying to play the new Star Wars MMORPG on an Nvidia 8400, and that's just not working out. The computer i had the 9500 graphics card in got a nasty virus a couple months back and i never got around to reformatting it, so i exchanged the 8400 with the 9500. (This is on a different computer than the one i usually have the 9500 in) Got no signal to monitor. Then i remember that the motherboard of my current computer can't support a 1gig graphics card, thought that might be the issue. Today i reformat my 'upgraded' computer, got it up and running again. Still no signal to monitor. Could i have fried the graphics card by inserting it in a computer with an incompatible motherboard? Or is there another issue?

    When i used both computers together i had them on a kb switch to the same monitor, if that makes a difference. I appreciate any help and i apologize if my thoughts are scattered.

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