no output from SB Live! card

By Oldster
Mar 8, 2004
  1. History: Built up PC with AMD K7 with SB Live! and XP OS. Originally system ran fine with sound output. System began to run slower and slower. Defragged HD, cleaned computer, etc.,etc. Finally decided to re load OS. Result-no better performance and Modem stopped working and sound stopped working. Repaired Registry to finally get modem to start responding. However, the sound card sill not provide out put to speakers. Drivers seem to be OK, Card is enabled. Can anyone come up with a reason why this has happened and maybe a solution please?

    Oldster :(
  2. novicegamer

    novicegamer TS Rookie Posts: 89

    Have you removed card and installed in a differant slot,If not remove card and drivers reboot and then istall and see if windows will recognize as new device.BTW i removed my SB2.
    what part of wash are you from ??
  3. Daltonian

    Daltonian TS Rookie

    Sound card Problem-Driver is enabled but inactive due to unknown problem

    I had the same problem, and if you change your sound card, change drivers, wherever, the problem will remain.

    I have a solution.

    The problem is : the “system.ini” file on your computer is corrupted or some command lines are missing. this can occur when you install a program and for a understandable reason the config.sys file is not written correctly.

    First I will tell you what will not work

    A) If you delete the system.ini and install windows again (from within windows), your system.ini will appear, but with the old problem, so don’t do that.
    B) If you reformat your HD and install windows again, the problem is solved, but I think this is too drastic.

    What will work ?

    A) If you have an system.ini old copy, you can copy to C:\WINDOWS directory an replace the actual system.ini , This is not easy to do if you are not familiar with DOS. Reboot to DOS. 1. At the windows prompt (C:\WINDOWS) type dir system*.* press the enter key. You should see at least one file like system.ini. If you see another system file first rename the original system.ini file to another file name. EXAMPLE: ren system.ini system.old Then rename the other system file to system.ini EXAMPLE: ren system.ini Now reboot

    B) If you have a friend or if you know someone who have a computer with an configuration like yours you can take a copy of system.ini and copy to C:\WINDOWS directory on your computer.

    C) You can copy any system.ini file even if the computer is different from yours. You may have to change your configuration. Change things like keyboard setting etc.

    If you solve your problem please let me know.

  4. Greeno

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    OR... instead of reinventing the wheel as Daltonian kindly suggests, you could re-install windows :)
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