No power to mouse, keyboard, or monitor

By DreamState
Nov 17, 2010
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  1. hallo' everybody

    a few days ago my mouse , keyboard , an monitor wasn't getting any power from my tower . at first i thought it was my power supply an i replace it but nothing happen.. so it wasn't that and i returned it . tha cpu an my other fan was spinning as usually . i can hear tha hard drive working , my cd / dvd drive open an close .

    my keyboard an mouse lite up as usual when i first turn the computer on an nothing else and my monitor it just goes to power saving mode . weird things is that my mouse would work when the keyboard isn't plug in , but not tha opposite way around .

    i some how got my monitor to work but not the mouse or keyboard , but it would just freeze on the " hp invent screen " . on the screen it show the push " esc" to reboot , F1- (i forgot sorry T.T) F10 to system . i have a few more day of school left before i can go check on it at my parent's house.. so i can't really do anything till i go down on saturday .

    my system specs is -

    HP Pavilion a450n
    Pentium 4 / 3.0 GHz:
    HyperThreading Technology
    800 MHz front side bus

    1Gig of ram
    160 GB Ultra DMA 7200 rpm Hard Drive
    GeForceFX 5200 AGP2 8X card: graphic card
    ASUS P4SD-LA PES revision 0.01 - motherboard

    thank you for taking your time to look at this

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