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Mar 14, 2005
  1. I have a Dell system and it will not power on. At one point I returned home after the holiday weekend and found my pc dead. It would not come on. After a while it would power up for a split second and then power down on its own without me trying to power it on. It would do it repeatedly. In this process I was able to press the power button and then it would come on. It went out this time and would not come on. I am hoping it is only the power supply. Does anyone know what it could be because I hoping it is not the motherboard?
  2. luvhuffer

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    It could be the power supply, it could be the case power switch. Have you checked all the switch connectors and power connectors to the mobo? How old is it and what model is it? After questioning the usual subjects (loose wires and connectors, you need to figure out if it is a proprietary power supply (made for Dell with their own wire configuration and color coding) or one with standard ATX connectors. With a standard ATX power supply, you can disconnect the power connectors from everything, and short the green (Power on switch cable) and a black (ground) wire, which should start the power supply. You can then test the line voltages with a multi meter. There are inexpensive ($20US?) power supply testers available for the standard ATX PSU's. If you don't know what you are doing, or are not sure about the power supply being proprietary or not, then all this is best left to a qualified techy.
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    make sure no part of the bottom of the mobo is touching the case that might fry your board.I didnt quiet said that you were away on the weekend and when you returned it would not work,well did anyone els open your system after you or had access to it or it just happened on its own without anyone touching it,also did you leave it on while you left or this happened just overnight by your pc directly connected to power or is there a ups between the 2,do you leave it on?.
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    It happened on its own. For some reason I shut it down by the power button and when I returned it was not working. After a while it would try and power up own its own without me pressing anything. Now when I shut it down it wouls still try and power up own its own and win this process I could turn it on. Now it is not doing that and I am not able to turn it on. I have ordered a PSU and it should be here soon. I will see then if I need a mobo.
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    Sometimes when you have automatic restart on system failure enabled, there will be a program hanging during shutdown, and the system will read that as a system failute and reboot like it's been told to do instead of shut down. There may also be something in the power cycle or wake on LAN program that is signaling the system to turn on.
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