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Nov 21, 2005
  1. Is anyone else having problems sometimes getting Intel wireless pro to find a wireless network?
    I have recently had 4 different laptops unable to find any wireless networks when trying to setup a wireless network with a variety of routers, Belkin, Netgear, Linksys. If I wire them up I don't have a problem but that defeats the object of the benefits of wireless with a laptop. In some cases a firewall has been in place and I have disabled it but I would expect this to stop me communicating with the router not blocking the network completely.
    I have checked that the wireless is enabled on the laptop and checked to see that it is also turned on at the router.
    Fortunately most of the time I just switch on the laptop and it immediately finds any available networks, which is what I expect to happen
    Has anyone any experience of this and did they find a solution?
  2. Nodsu

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    Turn on wireless on the router and make sure you have set it to broadcast SSID. The channel should not be above 11. Save settings and reboot router.

    On the laptop, make sure both wireless is enabled and the antenna actually turned on. Many laptops want you do activate the thing manually. Also, the wireless software may not be set to scan for networks automatically - you may have to initiate the scan.
  3. Hodsocks

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    Wireless on the routers is always turned on and the channel is usually set to 11 by default.
    Wireless on the laptops is always turned on too, your second point about checking for networks automatically is worthy of investigation though.
  4. Smiggle

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    Hi I've just bought and installed a Belkin wireless router on my new laptop. The laptop has Intel centrino mobile technology and claims to be wireless ready. I've gone through the installation process with the router which went easily enough. However, when I take the network cable out of the computer it's not finding a wireless connection. This is sooooo frustrating as surely that's the whole point of buying a that you can use the computer WIRELESSLY!!

    Can someone please help before I explode? Thanks.
  5. Nodsu

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    Read the friendly router manual about how to enable the wireless? WiFi is usually turned off and unconfigured by default on routers.

    If the router is configured to do wireless, then make sure that you have enabled wireless on the laptop. Many models actually require you to press a button to turn on the wireless.
  6. Smiggle

    Smiggle TS Rookie

    Eventually phoned the router manufacturer's helpline, spent 40 minutes on the phone with a guy I could hardly understand and vice versa, no joy. PHoned the laptop manufacturer and he told me to check the front panel of the voila, a tiny switch to flip to turn wireless on! d'oh!

    :) :blush:
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