Nokia unveils entry-level Lumia 525 as successor to the popular Lumia 520

Shawn Knight

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Nokia on Wednesday announced the Lumia 525 smartphone, the successor to the popular Lumia 520. The Finnish handset maker must be under the assumption that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it as the 525 is nearly identical to the...

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Nokia needs to release a super entry level windows phone.
in the philippines, cherry mobile, a well-known budget phone maker is now offering android 4.xx smartphones for as low as 3000 pesos (~70$ at roughly 43 pesos to 1 $ u.s.).
on the other hand, the cheapest android 4.xx made by samsung is sold for around 4400 pesos (~102$)
at the 200$ price range equivalent, nokia 525 is head to head with some 'entry level' samsung phablets (grand)


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Indeed, but the problem is I have not known an 'entry' level android phone which isn't crap when it comes to performance.