Non-profit ISP start up promises fully encrypted, private Internet

By Rick ยท 29 replies
Apr 11, 2012
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  1. I'd happily invest in this. Good luck my friend!
  2. @ TorturedChaos
    on April 12, 2012
    9:52 AM

    I totally agree.
    I would also imagine that this is the sentiment of the vast majority of critically thinking law abiding citizens.

    Since when was 'no right to privacy' the defacto?
    This is how all ISPs should be.
  3. Ebany

    Ebany TS Rookie

    Can people really be so stupid and ignorant that they would believe a persons desire to have a "private" life means they are hiding something?!?

    Seriously, if you feel that strongly about everything been open then here is my suggestion;

    At your place of residence tonight, unlock your doors, open your curtains and windows, turn all the lights outside off and all the lights on inside. Now have a shower and a good nights sleep! If you can successfully achieve this then your a show pony, simple in the head, or live an island without neighbours ....... oh wait, that would make it private.
    Here's an idea! How about we make everything open? Government agencies, business ...... I mean if we intend to do it with individuals, why be bias and exclude other groups.

    Why isn't a person considered suspicious when they close their doors and draw their curtains at night? Because a person who is open about everything in their life gets taken advantage of and judged on every inconsequential thing. Same reasoning applies to people in the virtual world, and apart from the youth who need to get their 5 megabytes of fame, we'd all like to enjoy a certain level of privacy without discrimination.

    I support the idea of an encrypted ISP, and I support non-profit initiatives like Wikipedia.
  4. This is an awsome idea. I would gladly pay for this. I dont do anything on the net that needs to be hidden but these days, big brother is becoming the enemy with the "patriot act" which big brother is using to violate every constitutional right imaginable. Our constitutional rights were given to us to protect us from our goverment. Our second amendment right to bear arms cannot protect us from information search's. Therefore, we need encryption to protect us. This guy is a cyber revolutionary hero. I want to thank him
  5. MS umar

    MS umar TS Rookie

    How does cnet plan to stop anti-social elements connected to terrorists with this kind of encrypted ISP Hope cnet has strict measures to check if a person will handover his computer to a terrorist before giving the person a connection

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