Norton Antivirus 2004 BOOTLEG

By lowman
Feb 22, 2004
  1. Here's one for you all...I purchased NAV2004 from a vendor that I have used MANY times in the past. I installed it, worked fine, but when I did the online registration, I kept getting an error that I had exceeded the numberof installs for that product. I was given a number for Symantec, so I called them, and was told I had a counterfeit copy of the software. Symantec demanded I return it to them, and the vendor wants it back if I am to receive a refund...unbelievable stuff. Anyway, I had to pull teeth to get the vendor to get me a prepaid RMA label through UPS - I didn't think I should have to shell out any money to return it, whether they would reimburse me or not. Anyway...the order that this software was part of was over 2 grand...and this vendor gave me so muich of a hassle about the return and the refund, I have decided to take my business just seems that companies don't feel like doing the right thing anymore...damn shame...:dead:
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    I hope you gave the name of that vendor to Symantec!
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