Norton Won't Go From Control Panel Plz Help!!!!

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Nov 19, 2005
  1. I've installed norton on my computer a while ago. However, it didn't work properly so i decided to delete it. When i went to control panel and clicked on delete nothing happened. so i went to the norton file and manually deleted everything (now i discoverd that was a stupid thing to do). anywayz, so i go back to control panel, and click on the uninstall button and still nothing happens!! so i got to the registry and remove norton from there. now when i go to control panel the button to click uninstall doesn't even exist anymore!!! argh can someone plz help me? without deleting this norton, i can't install any more. my email is email removed if u have any suggestions thank you!!!
  2. gbhall

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    getting rid of Norton

    It's well-known that much Norton software is very hard to be rid of.

    1. Can you so a system restore to just before you loaded it. Thats easiest.
    2. Depending on what it was you loaded, the Norton support site can often give you a very long-winded method to remove it (using Registry edits - make sure you know what you're doing).
    3. All norton software has a separate application for updating all the other bits installed. This has it's own install and must be remove last. I's called LiveReg
  3. da_head

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    i've installed it a while ago, therefore a system restore would be must unwise (and probably not possible). i'm not sure if the norton site could help me. can u give a few links that could possibly help? and live update is deleted already
  4. Vigilante

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    One, also easy way, is to completly REload Norton. That is, install it again. If you can get it to install properly, without trouble, then the uninstall function should also work, and remove itself more normally.

    If you lost control panel icons, I would first suggest running the System File Checker.
    Click Start-Run and type sfc /scannow. It may require your XP CD, so keep it handy.
    If that doesn't get your icon back, we'll have to find a reg script to put the proper entries back in the registry.

    Good luck
  5. da_head

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    its ok guys i fixed it! :p i took ur advice and went to the norton site. i then downloaded a program called symnrt. it helps delete any norton program!! ya its all fixed!!
  6. Vigilante

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    I thought you said the Uninstall button was missing from Control Panel? I thought you meant the "add/remove programs" icon. Is this missing or were you talking about something else?

    Anyway, glad it's fixed, one less user using Norton is a good thing :)
  7. patio

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    Anyway, glad it's fixed, one less user using Norton is a good thing :)

    :grinthumb :grinthumb

  8. da_head

    da_head TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 70

    lol just to let u no i got a newer version of norton lozl. besides if u try to reinstall norton, it refuses to untill u delete the older version (which i couldn't do)
  9. IronDuke

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    You spoke too fast Patio. ;)
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