Not Formatted, Format it now? Need help.

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Jan 4, 2010
  1. Hi

    Im a graphic designer working on photoshop and corel draw. The problem started when i was busy installing the game "Prototype". In midst of an installation we had a power failure. After trying anything and everything i know to try and fix it i cant go on with out it.

    Its a western digital hdd. My pc doesnt want to start. it runs the o/s screen Windows XP prof and the blue bars run twice and then the "blue screen" everyone hates. I've placed it in an external hdd and it gave me the message: Not formatted, format it now? I can not loose the info on this. Please, formatting is not an option. Is there anything else except recovery file programs i can use to sort out this problem?
  2. raybay

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    Sudden power failures are difficult when it comes to recovering the data. There was no control moving the reader arm back into place and it may have even damages sectors.

    Your best shot, methinks, is to install the drive in an external USB drive, such as a Nextar. There are many models available. six screws to install. Take the drive from your desktop and put it into the enclosure. Not cheap. It could cost you $28 to $45 depending on where you buy it.
    Then install a new drive, and access the data from the damaged drive using the external USB enclosure. We do this for clients several times a day, and the success rate is 96% for us.
    Create the files and folders on the new drive, then drag and drop the data files from the damaged one.

    Be sure you have plenty of time allocated, as it is sometimes unwise to shut down the recovery of the old drive in the enclosure then try to pick upwhere you left off later on.

    These devices come in three forms: External docks connected by USB cable. For SATA drives, and for EIDE Drives.

    Available at good computer stores, or on line at,,,, and other fine online computer and technology resellers.
  3. Tedster

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    power failures can also cause spikes. Was it surge protected?
  4. compdata

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    does this mean you tried to install it in an external hdd bay? if not i second raybay, if so then can you give us the info on model/type of hd, and what bay you are using, and where/when you get the message for "Not formatted".
  5. Stephan013

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    Thanks Guys

    I solved my issue this morning. It seems like my bootsectors were a problem...i found the ultimate problem solver for this. It is called "Hiren's Bootcd Wintools" My version that worked is 1.2. I found it via Utorrent. if and when you come right there is a tool under the menu/recovery/partition find and mount. With this i sorted out the problem. I was able to backup all my designer files and games and not a single file was corrupted. This is the ultimate cd to use...have a look.

    thank you for the replies and the help. Hopefully this will help others in their struggle...

    God bless
  6. compdata

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    Sorry to see you using that. It contains a bunch of unlicensed commercial software which is illegal.
  7. raybay

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    Glad that you found a way to correct the problem. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there. I hope the fix is permanent and long lasting, but that software has problems of its own than opens doors I would not want opened.
  8. Tedster

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    ALWAYS back up important data like pictures.
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