Nothing happens when I try to boot

By zSenateKT
Sep 25, 2010
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  1. I thought I fixed my computer but but now it isn't working again.............

    I will try my best to explain what exactly has happened and what Ive tried. A couple months back my computer would no longer boot, I went to turn it on one day and all the fans would go on but nothing would happen. I was able to find an old motherboard in my house that matched my CPU. I installed the new mother board and everything seemed to be working again. I spent the entire day setting everything back up and got the computer back into working order, everything seemed to be working perfectly fine again. I figured the motherboard was the issue and I had solved it.

    The following day I left the computer on while I took a shower, came back and it was off. I went to turn it on and all the LED's flashed for a split second like it was going to come on but it didn't boot. So far I have swapped out and tested the video card, power supply, and RAM each time getting the same result. I tried running the motherboard from outside of the case to rule out an electrical short, same result. Now I'm starting to think my CPU is shot but it is just strange that it would stop working on one motherboard and then work for one day in a new one. Right now I have two motherboard, the original one all the lights and fans will turn on but nothing happens on the monitor and I get no beeps. The second motherboard, the LED lights on all the fans will flash like it wants to turn on but then goes off and nothing happens. Any one have any idea's on what else I can try. Having a PS3 as my only source of internet is not exactly ideal.
  2. zSenateKT

    zSenateKT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Any one have any suggestions? I hit the power button and the LED's flash on for a second like its going to boot and then nothing happens. I have already swapped out the power supply and had the same results. Does anyone think this could be my CPU? I cant afford to get a new PC at the moment but I will order a new socket 939 CPU off ebay. I just want to be sure that its going to fix it before I spend the money.

    Like I already said ive tried swapping out the power supply, RAM, video card and motherboard. I have tried running the mobo outside the case. Tried resetting the cmos, swapping power cable and surge protector.

    I can't really think of anything else it can be other then the CPU......................
  3. Bossman

    Bossman TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I am having the same problem

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